Health Solutions (HS)

As health care moves into a transformational era of efficiency, effectiveness and improved patient outcomes through health information technology, BITS is working across government and commercial healthcare segments to provide a differentiated perspective on the industry as a whole. Our insights and experience are drawn from collaboration with government health agencies and in finding innovative solutions to public health challenges.

BITS is recognized as an industry leader with focused expertise in: Federal Health, Clinical Informatics and Health Information Standardization and exchange. BITS continues to support data analytics, healthcare quality, portfolio and program management, requirements prioritization, system interoperability, and service to wounded servicemen. BITS supports major agencies: Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense Military Health System, and US Food and Drug Administration as they work to achieve critical health missions.

The BITS Team gives a broad and consistent utilization of HS to:

  • Decrease paperwork and unproductive time.
  • Expand access to affordable care.
  • Extend real-time communications of health informatics among health care professionals.
  • Improve health care quality or effectiveness.
  • Increase administrative efficiencies and healthcare work processes.
  • Increase health care productivity or efficiency.

BITS is focused on providing support to the VA and DoD in health information technology. We address this need by providing seasoned former military and commercial Clinical Informaticists (CI): physician, nurse, and medical administrators at need; as subject matter experts.  We are a team, and BITS has allowed the CMIO to be widely engaged as are the CIs in practice and scope.
Dr. Jack Taylor