Professional Development

Professional Development

Professional Development

BITS’ provides our employees with the tools they need to fulfill their career and personal growth ambitions, including tuition assistance for approved academic degrees and technical certifications course, paid professional society memberships, and conferences.

Career development is an ongoing process of growing both personally and professionally. At BITS, we provide a work environment that fosters career and personal growth and satisfaction. The following programs and practices assist us in this ongoing endeavor.

Educational Assistance

BITS’ establishes an education fund for each of its employees. Upon taking manager approved educational classes, employees are reimbursed for items such as tuition, books, and technology fees. We encourage our employees to maximize this benefit each year by taking educational classes that are interesting, further their career, and strengthens their skills.

  • Up to $3,000 for tuition & eligible expenses per calendar year

Training and Development

BITS’ also establishes a generous training fund. Employees are reimbursed for such items as training costs, travel, and certification test. Employees are encouraged to maximize this benefit each year by taking training classes and obtaining certifications that are interesting, further their career development and enhance their technical skills.

  • Employer paid seminars/non-degree courses available
  • Reimbursement of courses and test for professional certification
  • Annual employer contribution toward professional association membership

Employee Recognition Programs

BITS’ creates an employment environment that supports and encourages clear and open communication and constructive feedback. Each employee is given an annual performance appraisal to encourage open communication, provide employees with performance improvement plans and to recognize and reward employee accomplishments.

  • Associated monetary awards based on performance