BITS Employee of the Quarter – Zach McQuay

October 2013 to December 2013


Mr. Zach McQuay has been recognized as the BITS Employee of the Quarter for his leadership and demonstrated dedication and devotion in instituting BITS’ new time and expense management system.   Having identified the limitation of our existing timecard system, Zach, on his personal initiative, began the research of available systems.  He identified viable alternatives and investigated each candidate systems’ capabilities against BITS’ current and future requirements.  Zach reached out to the vendors and collected product information, completed an analysis of alternatives and presented his recommendations to senior management for approval.

Upon obtaining management approval, Zach facilitated the selection and final negotiation, planning, and development, training, and the ultimately the transition to the new system.  The implementation and transition, which was started in October, required significant time and commitment above and beyond his existing day-to-day activity.  Zach, working with his colleague Will Rogers, and product and financial consultants, began the tasks to configure and implement our new system, integrate the new system to BITS’ financial and payroll systems, and communicate and train our users.  This effort is on-going.  Zach has remained the unwavering spear-head moving this and other internal projects forward.

This accomplishment is even more significant in that was done while fulfilling the requirements of his normal duties, which requires 150% of his time.   Zach continues to provide BITS’ employees, our monthly financial processes, our proposal completions and deliveries, and our IT Systems operations.  Zach is in his fifth year of employment with BITS.  Over this time he has been a critical member of the BITS “back-office” team, supporting multiple significant job functions.  His leadership, commitment and hard work has been an asset in BITS’ development.

Please join us in thanking Zach for his tireless contributions and for his recognition as BITS Employee of the Quarter, 4th QTR 2013